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Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a small city that has grown without losing its identity, becoming one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Although it's a very modern city, there are still some traits that preserve the magic of a small town. From the city centre, it's even possible to get to a forest in only a few minutes.

Despite being a relatively small city, Oslo's high quality of life means that it's one of the most expensive cities in the world. By following our advice, you can enjoy a trip to Oslo, saving to the max but without missing out on any of its attractions.

Why travel to Oslo?

For its spectacular nature.

One of the main tourist attractions in Norway is its majestic natural environment, a unique green blanket of changing light that envelops dreamlike landscapes formed by one of the most amazing geographical features in the world, the fjords.

To discover its art.

Oslo is a city of great culture, which offers its visitors the chance to explore surprising museums where you can see some of the best-preserved Viking boats in the world or go inside the impressive ships that took part in important Polar expeditions, which changed the course of history.

To learn about its history.

The city's Viking roots and the Nazi occupation period are some of the significant factors that left a mark on the history of Oslo, a history of recovery, and important feats that are worth discovering while sightseeing in Oslo. You'll learn so much by getting lost in its charming streets and alleys.

In this guide, you'll find updated information on Oslo, including the main points of interest in the city, the best places to stay and eat, and public transport options, among many other interesting bits of information.

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